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Getting Organized Can Save You Time and Money Being unorganized costs you time; time that could otherwise be spent growing your business.
Wholesale Buying Guide Many retail gift shops are faced with the challenge of finding merchandise available at wholesale. Take advantage of permanent wholesale showrooms or marts, located in most major cities in the United States. Use these tips to make your wholesale purchasing as successful as possible.
The Stress-Free Office Stress can paralyze some people, while others find stress invigorating. While you can't control all of the stress related to your clients and your business, you can control various factors within your office that can help minimize stress and improve your productivity.
10 Things You Must Know About … I keep a folder of ideas and inspirations. As we all hit the doldrums of mid-winter I wanted to share an idea passed on from a popular design blog Apartment Therapy which was then passed on through Kacy Paide’s Inspired Office weekly newsletter
Learn the Best Ways to Manage Your Money I was playing Monopoly the other night. The person who ended up winning the game—and I mean rolling in cash, while the other players groveled to scrape up $15—was the person who started small, bought some under-recognized properties, built
Worth While Voice Mailing Techniques Sometimes trying to connect with a real human is like playing a game of “tag, you’re it.” Have you had the same experience? You can't call anyone these days and not get voice mail, it's so common. I happen to love it and think
It's Saturday and I'm sitting here with my second cup of coffee, ready to organize my week. I'm no time management expert like fellow blogger Peggy Duncan, but here are the 6 questions I ask myself. 1. What is already scheduled? I take a sip of coffee and look at the calendar. I
Remember, navigating the “lunch, munch and brunch scene” doesn’t have to be an unrewarding marathon. Attend those events where you have a real interest in supporting the group/event or feel you can benefit personally or professionally from the time spent. After many years on the
I haven't seen a commercial from the US Postal Service in awhile, and I'm finding that a lot of entrepreneurs have forgotten how they can help you be more productive. Order free packaging from their Web site. I keep a supply of Priority Flat Rate envelopes and Flat Rate boxes with

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