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Would your employees know what to do if a disaster hit? What if there was a serious emergency that required them to shelter in place at work? Emergencies can hit without warning and the stakes are high for small businesses. Market surveys have repeatedly shown that virtually all small businesses
Customer relationships have long been one area where small businesses have an edge over their larger counterparts. The friendly neighborhood shopkeeper or restaurateur has always had a place in Americans’ hearts. But like everything else, customer relationships are becoming automated—
When you are starting a small business, every dollar counts. One best practice that all small business owners should consider is liability insurance. Most of the information out there about liability insurance comes directly from insurance providers, so it is important to do extensive research to
How APIs Can Help Your Team Work Smarter, Not Harder Every small business owner is in a constant race against time. Tackling tedious yet crucial tasks like invoicing and inventory management can quickly drain productivity levels without a direct return on time, distracting an owner from the company’s strategic trajectory. 
3 Secrets to Protecting Your Business When I started my business seven years ago, I never imagined I would immediately have to fight to keep my business going because of an unanticipated lawsuit. Luckily, I had clients loyal to my business that stood by me and helped my business survive. Right away I learned how to protect my
For small business owners, there are two different categories of time – clock time and real time. Sometimes it feels like there is not enough real time to get things done and effectively manage a business. The truth is for small business owners, time is irrelevant.  It’s all
During this 1-hour workshop, you will learn first-hand from a successful business owner how you and your business can be well prepared for extreme weather or other emergencies that may temporarily make your place of business inaccessible. Jennifer Shaheen, President of Technology Therapy,
Desarrollar un Plan de Sucesión Continuar un negocio más allá de una generación de líderes requiere planificación. Ya sea a través de acciones privadas transferidas a un gerente, o ceder el liderazgo a miembros de la familia, un plan de sucesión allana el camino para el é
Rules are meant to be broken.  We hear that so often it almost sounds like, well, a rule.  But is it always true?  There’s the golden rule, should we break that?  There are banking rules?  Are those breakable?  Probably not all rules are meant to be broken.
Does your small business only accept certain kinds of credit cards? Are your point-of-sale systems a decade out of date? Do you perform business services for customers, and then wait weeks to send them an invoice (by snail mail)? Here are seven ways your old-fashioned approach to accepting

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