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Developing a Succession Plan Continuing a business beyond one generation of leaders requires planning. Whether through private shares transferred to a senior manager, or a leadership transfer to family members, a succession plan smoothes the way for continued business success.
I’ve been hiring staff for many years- both when I was in the corporate world and now that I’m a serial entrepreneur. There have been many lessons learned; as an entrepreneur, this has been particularly true since there are some fundamental differences in terms of the flexibility and
How to Manage Telecommuting Employees Steve Strauss discusses how to manage telecommuting employees and why they may benefit your business.
It's Usually a Good Idea So the question of the day is, do you need an employment contract for your staff members? I say the answer is yes. It only makes sense. When you hire people, there are typically several forms and contracts you need to fill out, including of course your W-2s. Let
Learn How to Keep Your Employees Motivated Do your employees have meaningful jobs? A recent Los Angeles Times article reported on several studies that looked at the concept of “meaning” in work. In one study, subjects were paid to build Lego models. They were paid the most for
Conquer the Chaos! According to Clate Mask and Scott Martineau in their recently-published book, Conquer the Chaos: How to grow a successful small business without going crazy, chaos is an inherent part of small business life. The question, they suggest, is how you will deal with it –
Let’s get back to the basics and best practices of networking.  Here are my three tips for effective networking – the old fashioned way.  First, you must be committed. You aren’t networking if you’re out for instant gratification.  An effective network is

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