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In 2015, the federal government achieved a milestone I wasn't sure I'd ever see in my lifetime: It finally reached a goal set more than 20 years ago of awarding 5 percent of all federal contracts to women-owned small businesses. Now, 5 percent doesn't sound like much, does it?
Your small business is booming, and you decided it’s finally time to hire someone. Congratulations! Do you know whether to classify your new worker as an independent contractor or an employee? In order to avoid any errors on your taxes, you’ll want to become familiar with some terms
This free online business workshop will help you understand the importance of business contracts. In this course, we'll identify when your company needs to use a contract, what to look for when reading a contract, and explore common business contracts used. You'll also learn what you
How to Register for Government Contracting Here is a basic introduction to the steps necessary to get your business ready for government contracting.
SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Contract With the Federal Government Steve Feinman of SCORE Michigan offers tips for how to secure federal contracts for your small business.
Government Contracts for Hispanic Businesses Latin Business Today discusses how to make your business eligible to compete for federal contracts.
Become an Accomplished Government Contractor This guide explains how to be successful on an ongoing basis in government contracting.
Government Contracting Mentor-Protégé Programs This guide explains how to find and select a good mentor and become a protégé to another business when pursuing government contracting opportunities. It also outlines the qualifications for several federal agency mentor-protégé programs.
How to Get Started As A Government Contractor Becoming a contractor or sub-contractor for the U.S. government can bring in lucrative, ongoing revenue to your small business. But doing business with the government is very different than typical business-to-business selling.
Finding the Best Business Relationships Are you considering selling your products or services to the federal government or a big corporation? Becoming a contractor can be rewarding, regular and lucrative business. But there are plenty of challenges, too. For a small business owner—even

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