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To make a realistic cash flow forecast, you must estimate how much unknown revenue and cost will happen in the next 13 weeks - even new business unknown as of yet! Nobody can know for sure, but nobody has a better foundation for making this estimate than you. Consider trends, seasonal patterns,
Grow Your Cash Flow with Credit Transactions SCORE ExpertAnswers One of the oldest business fundamentals that endures in the Internet Age is the importance of solid cash flow. And who better to discuss small business cash flow and financial management in today’s world than Jared Fliesler, whose firm Square is helping companies of
Forecasting sales, revenue, and cash for the next 13 weeks is the most difficult part of the 13 Week Cash Flow Statement for a small business because it is the least certain.  But this task has some easy parts too. The first step is to forecast known revenue and costs – those for
“Cash is King” in a small business.  A cash shortage is one of the hallmarks of a business slipping into trouble – a distressed business. The owner’s first priority is to pay the vendors whose services keep cash coming in. Bank loans don’t do this, so the owner
13 Week Cash Flow Projection Use this template when creating a 13 week business cash flow projection.
All of the fear-inducing references you’ve heard and read about cash being king in your business are absolutely true. But cash isn’t just king. It’s the entire kingdom. Poor cash management is one of the leading reasons why many small businesses do not succeed.  Without
How to Use Ratios to Manage Cash Flow With today’s accounting software packages, it is easier than ever to monitor all aspects of your business’s finances. Many packages, such as QuickBooks, even provide dashboards–graphical representations of company operations data that display an instant snapshot of your company
Increasing Your Cash Flow Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media, offers tips on improving your business's cash flow.
Cash vs. Accrual Accounting Methods Do you know the difference between cash and accrual accounting? This article explains the difference and its impact on your bottom line.

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