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Last week, I went over the first five sections crucial to a financial plan. The next four sections are just as important and include fundamental information you will need to present when you meet with potential investors. Remember a financial plan is necessary when you want to attract outside
Financial Accounting is concerned with the preparation of financial statements for people outside the company, such as stockholders, suppliers, banks, employees, government agencies, owners, and other stakeholders. (Source: Wikipedia). Given the diverse needs of the stakeholders, the
Small Business Speak Out: Where do I get the Capital for Growth? A look at the different venues that small business owners use to obtain capital for growth including loan approval rates and the total cost on a business, in time and money, of financing.
Visa Small Business Spend Insights Visa® Small Business Spend Insights monitors the economic confidence of U.S. small business owners by analyzing Visa Business card spend data and responses to a quarterly survey. Small businesses and those serving them can benefit from the trends and insights obtained from Visa’s
Probably the most common question we receive here at SCORE is, “How can I get funding for my business?”  The next most popular is, “Are banks still lending to small businesses?”  The first, is a complicated question – its answer is reliant on so many
Lenders charge interest rates and usually require some kind of collateral, i.e., valuable assets which they can take over and sell if the loan is not repaid on time. The exceptions are called “unsecured loans,” those requiring no collateral. They usually involve smaller amounts and
Fundamentally there are two broad categories of funding you can use to start up your company. These categories are not distinguished by who you’re borrowing from but by the requirements, limitations and types of returns that regulate the type of investment. It boils down to what you
What can an entrepreneur do to make up for a less-than-ideal personal credit history when trying to get financing for a new small business? Character remains one of the “Five C’s of Credit” so significant deficiencies in a person’s credit history that reflect poor
Are you considering becoming an entrepreneur? Before you do, let me offer you a little reality check. A recent survey, the Wave Small Business Report, polled small business owners about why they started their businesses and the pluses and minuses of being their own bosses—and had some
How do you get paid? I ask this of every business during initial review of their operational technology. It does not matter if they hired me because they think they need social media tools, a CRM or new manufacturing software, I always start at the beginning: How do you get paid? And then I

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