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Five Sources of Quick Cash During the current recession, many businesses could use a little more cash…and fast. Here are five quick & practical ways to get the cash you need in a tight credit market.
Business is harder today than ever before and with high unemployment rates and families faced with financially challenging times, a business owner must think carefully about how to keep their market share. There are day to day issues that must be dealt with in business, carefully think about each
Do a business budget to determine where to cut back on all expenses. Sublease your space, share space or rent smaller space. Always check for cell phone and telephone promotions. Conserve all resources: a. Reduce utility bills by turning off lights using energy saving bulbs and
Maximize Cash In Whenever possible, avoid accounts receivables. Get payment in advance or upon delivery. Send statement out quickly. Delayed statements delays payment. Have a solid collection strategy and follow it. Let the customer know you care about payment. Review credit

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