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You’re ready to offer ecommerce to expand the reach of your small business. Congratulations! Now, which ecommerce solution are you going to choose? Don’t worry — we don’t expect to see you hand-coding your own online shop. So many ecommerce platforms have popped up in
If your small business accepts credit and debit card payments, then you probably know that October 1 was the deadline for U.S. merchants to upgrade their payment terminals to accept credit and debit cards that use chip technology.   Even though the deadline was over six months ago, nearly
Click here to watch on-demand recording! The payments landscape is changing. New security measures, a decline in the use of traditional magstripe cards, the switch to EMV chip cards and emerging technologies like contactless payments, are forcing a monumental shift in the way people pay. These
The people who are willing to pay more for you – significantly more – are the ones who totally understand and want the things (your knowledge, personality, approach) that only you can provide. I bought a new car the other day. A Ford Focus. I love it. Fun to drive (5-speed),
According to many surveys small business owners are not prepared to accept the new credit cards embedded with chips. As the October 1, 2015 deadline fast approaches, we discussed how EMV cards reduce fraud and help protect your small business. Migrating to EMV technology is not difficult or
What Millennials Mean for the Future of Payment Technology What do Millenials mean for the future of payment technology in your business? In a word, change. According to a study by JWT, The Future of Payments and Currency, 70 percent of Millennials believe the way we pay for things will be totally different in five years—and they’re the
How to Choose a Payment Card Processor Accepting payment cards gives your customers more options—and your business more sales. To select a payment card processing company, here are some questions you need to ask yourself—and the processor.
If your small business accepts credit and debit cards—and I hope you do!—you need to know about an important deadline looming just weeks away. As of October 1, 2015, businesses will be required to install new card reader technology to accept a new type of payment card that is being
Are you still operating a cash-only business, or do you indicate in subtle or not-so-subtle ways to customers that you prefer cash? Perhaps you charge a fee for using payment cards or require a certain purchase amount before they can be used. If your company does all or most of its transactions
Is your small business prepared for the upcoming migration to EMV credit and debit cards? EMV (an acronym for Europay, MasterCard and Visa) is a new, worldwide technology standard that is intended to help prevent credit and debit card fraud by enabling more secure in-person transactions. And as

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