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Credit Risks As a buyer, your company may want inexpensive credit and in the case of commercial buyers, credit can provide better business opportunities, such as being able to resell goods first before having to pay for it.  As a seller, the high cost of the initial investment in
SCORE Tip of the Week: How Smart Invoicing Can Boost Your Profits Mel Ettenson of SCORE Detroit shares advice for effective invoicing.
SCORE Tip of the Week: Use These Invoice Tips to Get Paid Faster SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, provides 6 tips for receiving payments more quickly.
Sometimes, no matter what precautions you take or how well you manage your receivables, there are just some customers that won’t pay on time, even if at all. But, there’s still hope for you to get the money you deserve. Here are 5 ways to deal with late paying customers: 1.
When extending credit, beyond setting up your credit process to properly vet customers, it’s also important that you make managing those receivables a top priority. Just because you made a sale doesn’t mean you’re going to get paid. It’s important to find ways to “
If your business extends credit (or even considers it) you know how important it is to maintain a well-organized credit process. And if you don’t know it, you probably have trouble getting customers to pay you on time. If you are going to extend credit to customers (which, there are reasons
Accepting credit & debit card payments has become a near necessity for businesses of all kinds. Yet, if you’re like most business owners, you are not satisfied with the merchant discount rate - or swipe fees as they have come to be known in the media – that you are paying to
Almost all businesses accept debit and credit cards these days – even service businesses and B2B ventures. Having a way to accept a card is critical when you get ready to operationalize and start your business. You’ll need a merchant account – something provided by
Fundamentally there are two broad categories of funding you can use to start up your company. These categories are not distinguished by who you’re borrowing from but by the requirements, limitations and types of returns that regulate the type of investment. It boils down to what you
A few weeks ago, I received an email from a frantic new business owner. One of his clients — a very large company — had an outstanding invoice that was 90 days past due. Concerned and cash-strapped, he wanted to know what he should do. “Calm down” was the first advice I

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