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This free online business workshop will provide tips for getting and staying profitable.   
Small business is incredibly diverse. Companies vary wildly in size and industry, but there is one  subject that every company, no matter what its business, needs to learn - finance. You don’t need to be able to do your own taxes or generate your own financial statements. It is too
Your books are only as good as their execution. Otherwise, even the most perfect business model does no more good than the latest diet book growing dusty on your bookshelf. The fact of the matter is that your books ARE your business. At the end of the day, your company IS how much it makes.
Know Your Numbers: What You Can Do Now to Drive Stronger Financial Health Whether you are a newly minted entrepreneur or you’re a business that has been around for a dozen years, a critical element for small business success means knowing your numbers. Sponsored by Visa, This e-guide is designed to help you better understand what figures and
With our annual deadline for filing tax returns just barely in the rearview mirror, you may have recently faced the decision of whether or not to hire an accountant to handle your business’s finances. It can be quite a predicament the first year you’re faced with this decision and in
Expert Finance and Accounting Tips SCORE ExpertAnswers Words may characterize what a small business does or aspires to be, but numbers provide the true gauge of its success. Too often, however, many entrepreneurs prefer the simplicity of the “bottom line” without undertaking a full analysis of how they got there.
Who keeps track of your business numbers? It’s easy to just say, “I’m a craftsperson and I know my craft and that’s all I need to know. I’ll just hire someone to take care of the numbers for me.” The truth is, if you are in charge of making decisions about your
Greatland’s Top DOs & DON'Ts for Paper Filing of W-2 Forms Find out all the do's and don'ts of filing paper W-2 forms
Greatland’s Top DOs & DON'Ts for Paper Filing of 1099 Forms Find out all the do's and don'ts of filing paper 1099 forms
The time has come to set next year’s annual revenue goal for the company. More often than not, the revenue exercise is focused on the current salespeople on the team, their historical revenue contribution and their expected performance in the upcoming year. The revenue numbers are set in

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