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How can you make your startup or existing business a success? The newest American Express OPEN Small Business Monitor offers some clues. American Express identified a group of “high achieving” small business owners within its overall survey sample and drilled down into their behavior
If you were like me, when I first created those initial set of financial projections for my startup, you probably just had a slow build of revenues with month over month sales increasing. And, at some future point- 6 months, 1 year, you projected to break-even. Voila, and you thought it was that
It is critical to plan for and adjust to your product or service sales cycles. Begin by reviewing the 10 critical steps to deliver a successful sales plan.  Each step will affect your resources, budget and cash flow. Properly executed, you will increase your sales and profits and delight
To make a realistic cash flow forecast, you must estimate how much unknown revenue and cost will happen in the next 13 weeks - even new business unknown as of yet! Nobody can know for sure, but nobody has a better foundation for making this estimate than you. Consider trends, seasonal patterns,
The Three Things Your Business Plan Absolutely Must Have Business columnist Rieva Lesonsky outlines three things you need to consider in order to craft a fresh and effective business plan.
Business Plan Template for a Startup Business Writing a business plan is an opportunity to carefully think through every step of starting your company so you can prepare for success. The template includes instructions for each section of the business plan, followed by corresponding fillable worksheet/s.
Learn great tips and tools for your business plan in this workshop brought to you by TSBC and SCORE. PLEASE NOTE: Currently, the program is unable to save your work in this module. We recommend that you complete as much as you can in one session, then navigate to the end of the workshop to
A business plan is an essential management and operating tool for using your time, capital and energy the most effective way. This plan of action for building a successful small business examines the environment in which you expect your business to operate including potential problems, cyclical
As an entrepreneur, there are moments and days where the list is overwhelming of what needs to be done to drive cashflow and growth. A tool I use successfully to stay on course is a 30-60-90 one page tool. Simply put, it is: the top 3 areas that I need to get results the top 2-3 actions
4. Unrealistic Costs. Mitch observes that prospective small business owners are "not realistic about costs associated with the cash flow plan." Marge finds "cost estimates, especially build-outs, are usually incomplete, not researched, not based on at least three estimates, don't

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