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Infographic: ACA Penalties and How to Qualify for an Extension There’s a lot to know about the Affordable Care Act, including the penalties for not having health coverage. Download this infographic by Liberty Tax Service for tips.
Corporation or Partnership Tax Return Preparation Checklist Preparing personal income taxes can be stressful, but doing business tax returns can be even more confusing. This checklist will help Corporation or Partnership owners collect everything they need for a smooth tax season.
With tax day looming, everyone worries what papers are critical to keep and for how long. Do I really need that credit card receipt from five years ago? Can I throw away this year’s bank statements? Where’s my W2? If you’re a business owner, those worries magnify. Here’s
Tax Organizer: Business Entities (C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnerships) Do you have a C Corporation, S Corporation or Partnership, and are you trying to do your taxes? This template can help you organize the necessary business information to make tax time easier for you or your tax preparer.
Tax Deductions for Your Startup Did you start a new business in 2015 or are you planning on starting one next year? Even if all you did this year was some preliminary legwork for starting a new business next year, you may be able to claim some of the expenses on your tax forms.
It’s All About Basis Bulletin: Avoiding Audit of Personal Returns Shareholder or Partner basis in the business put simply is - at a point in-time, do you have financial risk of losing what you invested in the business?
What is “an independent contractor?” What is “self-employed?” For anyone running a small business, knowing what the relationship between these two is paramount for tax purposes.  What is Self-Employed? The IRS’s definition of someone that is self-employed is
Your small business is booming, and you decided it’s finally time to hire someone. Congratulations! Do you know whether to classify your new worker as an independent contractor or an employee? In order to avoid any errors on your taxes, you’ll want to become familiar with some terms
Infographic: Where's My Refund? You’ve submitted your tax return only to find yourself wondering where exactly your refund is. Here are some key facts and actions you can take to help set your mind at ease.
Infographic: Essential Prep for Tax Day Don’t wait until the last minute! Take the stress out of tax season by preparing to file your return well in advance. Get helpful tips in this infographic sponsored by Liberty Tax Service.

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