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5 Business Deductions You May Be Missing Are you sure your business is claiming all the tax deductions to which it is entitled? We have handled millions of tax returns over the years at Liberty Tax Service, and below are a few of the deductions we notice that business owners often miss.
Tax and Record Keeping Tips for Your Small Business Small business owners face a great deal of challenges, but taxes always appears at the top of the list. Small business owners need to make sure they are paying what they should and taking the appropriate deductions to reduce their taxes.
Are you preparing now for tax-season success in the spring? Our latest podcast episode tackles a ton of tax-related questions for small businesses so you can stress less over the next few months. Host Dennis Zink teamed up with Burt Seither, SCORE mentor and vice president at 1800Accountant, for
Q: If an accountant’s wife can’t get to sleep, what does she say?   A: “Tell me about work today, dear.” Welcome to Round 2 of Accounting 101. In another article, I talked about inventory timing and the effect that can have on your tax bill each year. (
Podcast: Tax Strategies for Small Business Owners The SCORE Small Business Success Podcast features interviews with the best and brightest in the world of small business, covering topics such as business plans, financing, marketing, human resources, SEO, social media and more. In this podcast, SCORE mentors chat with Bert Seither
“An accountant is someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had in a way you don’t understand.” OK, that old line, as with many jokes, contains a certain amount of truth. You’re a business owner and you’re an expert in your particular field. You’
When do you start thinking about taxes? Be honest. If you’re like some small business owners, you put taxes out of your mind until tax time. That’s simply too late. Once the calendar year comes to an end, many options to materially affect the net income of your business have
The key to saving money on your taxes is to think ahead and plan. And with the year-end fast approaching, this sage advice takes on added urgency.   During this SCORE Workshop, Micah Fraim, a CPA and author of the best-selling ebook, "The Big Little Small Business Book" will
Maneras de Estructurar su Negocio: ¿Corporación? ¿LLC? ¿Sociedad? Basándose en sus necesidades y actividades comerciales planeadas, los empresarios pueden elegir entre una variedad de estructuras legales.
While everyone starts to think about taxes, here’ something else to worry about: The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has released a list of popular tax scams that are targeting taxpayers, including small business owners. Here’s what you need to watch out for: 1. Scam phone calls: The

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