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Barter Tax and Accounting Issues Barter transactions can provide your company with important financial, sales and marketing benefits. Like other transactions, however, barter sales are taxable, and your company must report them to the IRS. This is also true of credits you receive or spend through a barter exchange; regardless of
Take Advantage of Home Business Tax Breaks Running a business out of your home has many advantages: no commute, you can dress how you want (well, most of the time), easy access to your kids, etc. One extra advantage of a sideline home-based business is that you often qualify for extra tax breaks.
Tips for Building Financial Bench Strength​ 1. Get a CPA. Even if you only meet twice a year, once for tax planning and once to do your taxes--you gain knowledge, get good advice and your taxes are prepared properly. That is a whole lot of value for a reasonable investment.  2. Put in

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