3 Website Must-Haves for 2015

What’s on your New Year’s resolution list? If one of your business objectives for 2015 is to give your website a much-needed makeover, you’ll want to make sure it has the important features customers are looking for.

To keep customers from clicking over to your competitor, make sure you offer these three features:

20151. Responsive design: What does your website look like on a smartphone or tablet? Research shows that 57 percent of mobile users will abandon your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. How much of your homepage does the viewer see on various smartphones? Are buttons easily clickable? Have you Web designer go over your site to make sure each page loads quickly and that the mobile design is simple enough. Wondering if a mobile-friendly website is really all that important? In a 2014 mobile behavior report from Salesforce, 85 percent of respondents say mobile devices are a central part of everyday life.

2. Shareable content: If you’re still waiting for your business to benefit from the viral nature of social media, maybe you’re not giving your customers anything worthy to share with their friends (and fellow shoppers). Make sure your content is useful, entertaining and visually enticing. Did you know online video now accounts for 50 percent of all mobile traffic? When embedding video, make sure it’s easily viewed on a mobile device.

3. Clear contacts: Don’t forget your contact information! There’s nothing more frustrating to a customer with a question then having to hunt down your business’s contact information on your website. Customers doing some research may not mind filling out a form, sending in an email and waiting for a response. But if you’ve got a customer ready to buy who just needs a quick question answered, you’d better have a phone number or online chat form easily available so they can talk right away. 

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