8 Technology Tools for Your Bar or Restaurant

When most people think of technology for a food-service business, they think of a cash register. But with today’s social networks and Web-based software, that is rapidly changing. Here are 8 technology tools that you might want to consider to help you with everything from creating a full-service website with online ordering to managing a line of customers at your physical restaurant location.

8 Technology Tools for Your Bar or Restaurant.bmpSinglePlatform, based in New York, is one of the up-and-coming players to offer an affordable but full-suite approach to building a restaurant website and managing the social aspects of business. After the initial setup, SinglePlatform gets paid via a commission from direct phone calls to your restaurant (tracked with a special dedicated line). Restaurant owners know exactly how many customers are making reservations via their SinglePlatform site.

Lecere offers a full restaurant management system based on new handheld devices such as the iPad and iPod. Using these tools reduces hardware and software costs and improves order accuracy.

Text My Food may save you from replacing your carpet every five years. Rather than wait for the server to come back to their table, guests can text you additions to their order via cell phone. This is a great service if you target the younger demographic that lives by texting; statistics on the site show the service increases the average restaurant or bar’s profit by $1,000 to $2,000 per month.

Diner Connection lets you ditch those funky vibrating “your table is waiting” devices and reach customers who are waiting for a table directly via smartphone or regular cell phone. You can also market to them via targeted messages.

Textaurant is another tool that lets you get rid of paging devices. When you use Textaurant, customers can go online or use their phones to access your restaurant’s waiting list online or via your phone. They can find out how long they might have to wait and enter the queue remotely by texting.

GoGrabLunch offers an interesting way to get people to your bar or restaurant. People create a private networking event, usually one-on-one, and pick local establishments for their meeting location. You can list your establishment for free, and when people in your area are looking for a place to meet, they find you.

Each of these tools is customer-focused and can help you manage your restaurant or bar better and build a relationship with your patrons. Check out these technology tools—they just might help you increase your bar or restaurant sales dramatically in a short amount of time.

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