Build Credibility by Displaying Testimonials on Your Website

People trust other people. This why third-party review sites are so popular, and why testimonial pages have become a staple element in website design. Learn how you can build credibility for your business by displaying testimonials on your website.

People trust other people. Whether we know each other or not, we look to the opinions of others when we’re faced with certain decisions, such as which new restaurant to try for dinner or what plumber to call when our sink won’t drain. Why? Because we trust that people with firsthand experience can help inform our decision making process.

This why third-party review sites are so popular, and why testimonial pages have become a staple element in website design. Testimonials are among the features every business website needs. Sure, the customer feedback you showcase on your site might be a little biased (why would you highlight negative testimonials?) but they prove that your customers are happy with your products and services.

By giving website visitors (and potential customers) personal experiences from past, satisfied customers, you can accomplish two important things:

1.   Eliminate any mystery. Firsthand experiences are persuasive, and by selecting positive accounts from your customers, your visitors will feel more familiar with how you do business.

2.  Establish credibility. You’re able to formulate trust with visitors by giving them real-life examples of happy customers’ experiences. Who wants to do business with a company they don’t trust?

Collecting Testimonials

Getting your hands on reviews from customers is an easy way to show potential customers that your products and services rock! Check out a few ways to start raking in testimonials:

Ask your customers. Satisfied customers are always willing to share their experiences with others. When somebody uses your services or buys your products, ask them to write a testimonial for your website. And if they’re comfortable with it, ask to snap their photo, too! Your credibility will go up a few points by showing your customer’s picture alongside their name and testimonial.

Use third-party resources and local review sites. Business review sites like Yelp®, Angie’s List™ and YellowPages®, are a few common resources used to find local businesses because they’re trusted and unbiased. Even if you don’t have an account with these sites, there’s a good chance a customer has reviewed your services on one of these sites for other people to see. If someone has something nice to say about your business on these sites, put their thoughts/words on your website! (If you want to learn about a cool product that automatically provides updated business information to third-party sites, click here.)

Adding Testimonials to Your Website

How you display or format your testimonials is up to you, but here are a few tips and common ways to show off what satisfied customers have to say:

  • Create a Testimonials page – a one-stop-shop for visitors to get your customers’ perspective!
  • Use customers’ photos to make your testimonials compelling and credible.
  • Link back to the original source where you found the testimonial. Whether you found it on Facebook® or Yelp, it’s a good idea to link back to it so website visitors trust that what your customers have to say is real.

Now that you have a few tips, recommendations and examples for finding and displaying testimonials on your site – it’s time you get rockin’ and rollin’! Reach out to loyal customers and do some online digging to build credibility with your visitors. A trustworthy relationship with your customers will go a long way in establishing your business as the best in the business!  

About the Author

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