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Watch this video by Verisign to learn how to get the most out of your social media marketing efforts.

Promote your business with an effective social media marketing strategy.

Let's talk about using Facebook and other social media channels to promote your business.
Did you know that social media produces almost twice the marketing leads you could get from trade shows, telemarketing, and direct mail? Also, businesses that actively engage customers online can expect to grow 40% faster than they would without an online presence.

Over one billion people use Facebook and Twitter alone, which means social media can be a great way to expand your customer base. Facebook allows you to have a real two way conversation with your most loyal customers. For example, you might currently use Facebook to keep fans updated about new products and where to find you - which is great. But, to create deeper interaction, you can ask fans to vote on flavors or specials or products they’d like to see. The more you involve customers and ask for their input, the more they will like and trust you.

There are three important things you need to do to be successful on Facebook:

  1. Build a professional page that really showcases your business.
  2. Get fans to follow and interact with your business.
  3. Create new and engaging content with high impact postings on a regular basis.

For example, some users love to engage with businesses that have lots of pictures. Others might respond better to video than text, while others might be drawn to the content in your posts. To make sure you’re attracting the attention of a diverse group of fans, post your content in a variety of ways.

So, what can you do to enhance your social media even more? 
Social media is great because it is a place to have a two way conversation with your customers. But you also need to have a great website that links to your social media activity. The two work really well together. You can have your website drive traffic to your Facebook page and your Facebook page drive fans back to your site. 

You can also increase customer confidence by using your domain name for your email address. Every time you use your business email, you are marketing your business. We found that 90% of people are more comfortable exchanging emails with a business that sounds more like a business. Consider this example: info@ sounds much more professional than info48736@, right?

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