Green IT for Dummies

Welcome to Green IT For Dummies, your guide to ways in which IT can help your organisation to go green and minimise its environmental impact.

Laptops SkyThe computer industry impacts the environment during the manufacturing, delivery, operation and end-of-life of its devices. This book gives you some pointers for how you can decrease that impact. At the same time, IT can help other parts of your organization to become more environmentally friendly, in the areas of transport, energy, and more. We hope that after reading this book you’ll feel inspired to put some of the ideas into action – it’s easier than you think!

Foolish Assumptions
In writing this book, we assume that you fall into one of these categories:

  • You hold a senior position in an organization (whether large, medium or small) and are wondering how to maintain or even improve performance while following a more sustainable environmental agenda.
  • You hold a senior position in the IT department and are wondering how to reduce your energy consumption, your general environmental impact and help the organization meet its environmental goals.
  • You’re a concerned employee who feels that your organization could do more for the environment.

How This Book Is Organized 
Green IT For Dummies is organized into five small but perfectly formed parts:
Part I: Gearing Up to Go Green. This part explores what motivates organizations to go green, and what IT’s role is in that change.
Part II: Cleaning Up IT. Next up we share ideas for how IT itself can go greener.
Part III: Greening Your Organization. You’ve cleaned up IT, but how can IT help the rest of your organization clean up its act? 
Part IV: Changing Staff Attitudes and Taking Action. In this part we inspire you with practical steps you and your organization can take towards a more sustainable future.
Part V: Ten Greenspirational Links. Here you can find websites for further reading, tips and inspiration.

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