HP's Energy Efficiency: Do More, Use Less

Welcome to the latest issue of Venture. In this edition, we aim to demonstrate how HP’s commitment to the environment can help you stay committed without changing the way you work.

PlantWhy be energy efficient?

Being energy efficient makes business sense

Whether your goal is to save money, comply with environmental regulations or just leave a smaller impact  on the earth’s resources, HP is dedicated to helping you  work responsibly. More than being told why you have to,  there are so many reasons why you should want to. 

When you take the steps toward creating a better world  in which to live, you are taking a step in the right  direction towards operating a more cost-effective and  responsible workplace. Energy efficiency and  environmental responsibility no longer have to compete.  They work hand in hand to make sense for your business.  

Better for the earth and better for  your business 

From hardware that is designed intelligently to use less  energy and produce less waste, to settings that let you monitor your energy use,  conserving energy is not just good for the earth, it’s good  for your budget. At HP you won’t pay a premium for  products with energy efficient settings enabled, saving you  more in the long run. 

When you consume less energy, you save money. When  you produce less waste, you help the earth. Start with  HP business desktop PCs. See your potential energy  savings with the Energy Savings Calculator,1 and then  monitor your usage by implementing simple software tools  like HP Power Manager. This useful tool lets you see your  impact by translating your energy savings into barrels  of oil, miles driven or carbon dioxide emissions saved  per year.  

More options to make a positive impact on your bottom  line? Now, that’s just plain good for business. 

It’s too easy not to 

Did you know that a single PC with enabled power  settings saves enough energy to power a 75W light bulb  continuously for over a year?2 Most people don’t realize  that an act as small as using a PC with built-in energy  efficient settings can make such a big difference.  

That’s why we make it easy for you to be energy efficient.  All of our business desktop PCs and workstations are  EPEAT™ Gold registered, which means they are rated the  highest level in regards to environmental performance.  Our monitors, printers and other equipment are designed  with the environment in mind, so they consume less  energy and use fewer hazardous materials, making them  easier to recycle. 

And, when you’re ready to transition or upgrade your  PC, we have convenient recycling, re-use and trade-in  programs, so your equipment can be disposed of  properly and conveniently. 

It’s expected of you 

Pressure is increasing from the government, the business  community and consumers, requiring businesses small  and large alike to address energy conservation demands  and operate with social responsibility. It’s no longer  just something businesses do to promote goodwill, it’s  become a requirement.

From using fewer hazardous materials, to ensuring that  our products meet strict environmental guidelines, we’ve  designed our equipment with compliancy and efficiency  in mind. We’ve found alternative materials to meet the  Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives  and made it easier for you to buy affordable products  that comply with regulations put out by the Environmental  Protection Agency (EPA). 

With all the reasons you have to be energy efficient and  all the resources HP has to help you do so, the choice is  easy and a good one for your business.

Have a question about energy efficiency? Connect with a SCORE mentor online or in your community today!

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