HP's Green IT Action Plan for Office Printing

Uncover ways to increase efficiency and reduce the environmental impact of your printing.

Help KeyYou need to get the most out of your office printing so you can operate successfully and cost efficiently.

Unfortunately, many companies lose the ability to operate most successfully because of:

 » Unnecessary expenses arising from heavy energy use and wasted resources in office printing
 » Lost productivity as a result of inefficient office practices
 » Environmental impact from paper-intensive business processes

Is the impact of your office printing a mystery? The answers might not be as elusive as you think. Explore your company’s printing products and practices to look for these indicators: 

 » Are there people with their own desktop printers who don’t really need them? 
 » Do you use different devices for printing, faxing, copying and scanning?
 » Are most of your devices more than five years old?
 » Are documents typically printed on only one side of the page?
 » Do you keep devices turned on continuously, including over nights and weekends?
 » Are the programs you’ve put in place for recycling paper, print cartridges and older printing devices failing  to live up to your expectations? 
 » Are employees confused or unaware of your recycling programs and processes? 
 » Do you send a lot of print jobs out of the office to professional printers or copy shops?

If you answered “Yes” to these questions, you’ve identified some key pieces of the puzzle. The HP Green Action Plan for Office Printing can help you further examine your office printing environment and identify ways to save money by reducing energy consumption and paper use.

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