Infographic: Essential Prep for Tax Day

Don’t wait until the last minute! Take the stress out of tax season by preparing to file your return well in advance. Get helpful tips in this infographic sponsored by Liberty Tax Service.

Essential Prep for Tax DayGet organized. Gather the following essentials:

  • Your Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Last year’s Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)
  • Your bank account & routing number
  • Your PIN for filing on the IRS website

Make sure you have these forms:

  • W2: A record of income you received from your employer(s) in the previous year.
  • 1098: A lender-provided record of mortgage payments you’ve made the year prior.
  • 1099: A category of forms for your bank accounts, retirement plans and other investments.

And, don't forget the extras:

  • Record of additional income, payments, and expenses including unemployment, social security,and contract work.
  • Forms detailing education payments
  • SSNs and dates of birth for your children
  • Record of transportation expenses for business purposes

Make a plan. Outline dates when key preparation goals need to be accomplished.

  • January 31: Check to make sure you’ve received W2s from all employers. 
  • February 15: Have all the necessary forms compiled. 
  • March 1: Check the IRS website to get up-to-date on any new deductions. 
  • March 15: Aim to have your tax return filed. 

Filing your return early will give you extra time to deal with any problems or unexpected outcomes.

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