Marketing Tips for Realtors

Online Strategies to Increase Your Brand Visibility and Attract Customers.

Realtors often find themselves in extremely crowded marketplaces with lots of competition making it challenging to establish a customer base, build credibility and differentiate themselves from the long-standing realtors. Here are some online strategies to help you stand out from the crowd.

Be found online!

MarketingEstablish an online ‘home’ for current and prospective customers.

  • Register your domain name and establish an online presence, whether it’s a website or a social media page.
  • Use your online presence to serve existing customers and attract new ones with 24/7 access
  • Your website is a great place to interact with prospective buyers and sellers: You can showcase your listings and provide additional information of interest to prospective buyers and sellers.

Establish a brand to differentiate

  • Describe the markets or niches you serve with your domain name. You will make it easier for prospective customers to land on your site when looking for properties in an area.
  • Register several domain names to provide visitors with multiple entry points to find your business. In addition to your name or business name, try registering VacationhomesinVermont or LuxuryCondosinChicago. Names that are naturally longer in length and more descriptive can be memorable and great for branding.

Multiple domain names don’t necessarily mean multiple websites. Your different domain names can point to, or redirect to, one main website you manage.

Take the example of realtor Barbara Morales, owner of Delaware-based Barbara Morales Associates. To differentiate her business and expand beyond traditional home buyers, she registered and marketed several descriptive domain names that contained keywords such as “waterfront,” “retirement” and “golf course”. By using this strategy, over 90% of Barbara’s home sale leads come through her websites, and she has been able to successfully expand her business into selling vacation and retirement homes.

Morales also included a specific geographic location to make her domain names descriptive and search-engine friendly, like,, and This is a great strategy for someone targeting a specific location in which to advertise their services. As mentioned, you can redirect any additional domain name to your current website, or if you have the resources, build a specific landing page or website that supports your additional domain names.

The bottom line is that creative, descriptive domain names - the registration of which can cost less than your weekly lunch budget - can easily be used to highlight your products or services.

Promote yourself

Now that you’re online, you can be found online. But you need to help the natural search process with online marketing tactics such as these:

  • Email Marketing – One of the most effective ways of marketing is through email lists. Click here to learn how to start email campaigns.
  • Social Media Marketing – Many social media platforms have paid promotional programs specifically for small business owners that are easy to manage. For more information, click here.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – Also called paid search, it relies on keywords that activate your business listing into the paid advertising section of search engine results pages. Click here to learn more.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Make your website appealing to search engines to ensure higher rankings in search engine results. For more info click here.

Explore Content Marketing

You’ve now got a platform for communicating with customers - use it. Without compelling, high-quality content that reinforces your brand and differentiation, you could risk blending in with your competitors. There is plenty of advice out there about content marketing, but a few of the more useful tips follow:

  • Stick to what you know: You are bound to be more compelling to your readers if you stick to topics for which you have a passion
  • Keep it simple: A blog is a good and simple way to start getting content onto your site without breaking the bank or taking up a lot of time. Stick to two to three paragraphs each, and have someone else proofread your writing before posting. - Content ideas: video home tours, home improvement tips, market conditions, pictures/stories of happy customers, open house announcements, etc.
  • Measure up: Both social media platforms and websites can be configured to provide regular metrics so you can analyze and optimize your content marketing efforts.
  • Check out the competition: See what other realtors are doing and adapt their best ideas.

Watch to see how Doug Francis used his website to distinguish himself and build his clientele. ​

Click here to use the tips provided above to search for domain names available for registration to market your realty business and increase your visibility.​

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