Name That Business: How to Pick an Effective Domain Name

Registering a domain name for your business can be almost as daunting as creating your business’s name. And, in some cases, your domain might become your company’s name! Use as an example – the .com is included and consistently used in the company’s branding efforts. Talk about the importance of finding an effective domain for business in our modern, technology-driven world!

When choosing a domain to represent your business online, it’s good to go in with a game plan. Here are a few ways to get ideas flowing and narrow down your choices:

Write down words that describe your industry, products, services and geographic location.

At first glance, customers should know what your business offers. Sure, domains like or don’t suggest the industry or products these businesses offer, but they’ve paid big bucks to make their brands well known. For now, it’s smart to make a list of short, targeted, relevant words to create a memorable domain your visitors will feel comfortable clicking on. For more tips and tricks for narrowing down domain options, check out Selecting and Registering Strategic Domain Names.

Try different combinations to create a catchy domain name.

After you’ve created a long list of words that describe your business, try coming up with unique combinations. But remember to be careful when placing certain words next to one another. Sometimes, businesses don’t take the time to consider how domains appear online. Make sure your business’s online identity isn’t unintentionally inappropriate, awkward or offensive. 

Consider different domain extensions.

It’s obvious that .com is the most popular domain ending, but there are hundreds of new industry-, location- and interest-specific domain extensions available, like .nyc, .shop, and .photography. These extensions help tell your visitors what your website is all about or where your business is located. With hundreds of these new domains rolling out, you have a better chance of getting your hands on the perfect domain for your business.

Run your favorite names by friends and family.

Your friends and family will likely give you their honest opinions, so it’s always a good idea to run your names by them before pulling the trigger. Sure, registering a domain is pretty affordable, but if you’re considering aftermarket auction domains (which can go for thousands of dollars), it’s in your best interest to find out what other people think of your potential name. Who knows – they might even inspire new, unique options!

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