Promoting Your Video

This final installment of the getting started with video series will teach you where and how to promote your videos.

Now that you've learned how to build a video marketing strategy and create your first video, we'll teach you how and where to promote it.

We'll be touching on two main promotional channels, your website and social media.

Posting Video on Your Website

When posting videos to your website, make sure it's featured prominently and easy for visitors to discover.

Your homepage is a great place for a business overview. Product pages are great for sharing videos about the different items you're selling. Lastly, a video about yourself or your team can add a nice touch to your About Us page.  

Sharing Video on Social Media

In addition to hosting videos on your website, it's important to promote them where your audience and customer base are already hanging out and browsing content. Odds are they're hanging out on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social channels.  

No matter where you're sharing videos, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind.

1. Select a vibrant cover image or, if you're sharing on platform a with auto-play, make sure that the first few seconds are compelling and attention grabbing.

2. Include a call to action indicating the next step you'd like viewers to take after watching your video. This can be in the video itself or in the description you're posting along with your video.

3. On Facebook, upload videos directly instead of posting links. Native Facebook videos get more reach than any other type of post and thanks to auto play, they stand out to viewers as they scroll through their news feeds.

4. On Twitter, think concise. People expect short, bite-sized content, so keep your videos to 15 to 30 seconds whenever possible. 

5. Sharing to Instagram? Keep in mind that Instagram has a 15-second limit for video uploads.

6. When posting to YouTube, make the most of titles, descriptions and tags. Remember it's this information that helps your videos get discovered, so include keywords that your potential customers are likely to search.

Thanks so much for joining us for this series. We've covered a lot of information including why video marketing works, how to build a strategy, and ways to create and promote your videos. Now you're ready to dive in and see what video marketing can do for you.

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