SCORE Marketing Cookbook for Small Businesses

Grow your business with these simple recipes for marketing success.

Over the years, you have told us that you want to improve your business, grow your customer base, and
stay abreast of the marketing trends that will help you succeed. This Cookbook allows you to do just that,
compiling the best practices for anything marketing-related.

Score Marketing Cookbook | Recipes for Marketing Success

Our SCORE mentors’ years of experience and efforts in the field, along with those of our partners and other small business experts, have resulted in an abundant wealth of tools, resources and resources that have helped SCORE clients enjoy increased marketing success. Our clients have followed these recipes, spiced things up, and tasted the success of their efforts. You, too, can cook up marketing success by following the recipes brought to you by the experts who know your palate best – your SCORE mentors.
This Cookbook is not meant to be read in one sitting, but instead should be consumed in small bites – reviewing only those recipes in which you have an interest. Cook with the tools and strategies you have already to get started, then sharpen your skills and add to your marketing pantry as you master new recipes.

We at SCORE thank Sam’s Club for generously sponsoring the production of this Cookbook.