SCORE Tip of the Week: How to Get Publicity for Your Business From Bloggers

SCORE's CEO, Kenneth R. Yancey, gives advice for generating buzz for your business through blogs.

In today’s always-online world, getting your business mentioned on a popular blog can power up your sales even more than getting mentioned in print. How do you get the attention of bloggers? Try these tips:

  1. Find the right bloggers to target. If your goal is to gain publicity as an expert, you might want to target a blogger who’s well-respected in your industry. If your goal is to put your business in front of potential customers, look for a blog that’s well-read by your target market. If you aren’t already familiar with the best blogs for your purpose, check out or, which lists the most popular blogs in a wide range of subject areas.
  2. Interact with bloggers. Start regularly reading the blogs you want to pitch so you can learn what types of subjects the bloggers write about, how often they post and what they are looking for. Once you become familiar with the blogs, start posting comments, making sure they are thoughtful and appropriate. Be sure to include your name, your business name and what you do, without being too promotional.
  3. Pitch the bloggers. Just as you would with any journalist, you can email bloggers relevant ideas or useful information to write about. This can vary depending on the blogger’s subject area. For instance, if you are a small business accountant, you could pitch a business blogger an idea about tax changes small business owners need to be aware of, statistics about the number of small businesses that get audited every year, or the most common problems you see in small business accounting. If you sell children’s toys, you could pitch a mommy blogger to review a new toy you sell, a list of the most dangerous toys to avoid or the best toys for child development. You get the idea.