Tax Organizer: Business Entities (C Corporation, S Corporation, Partnerships)

Do you have a C Corporation, S Corporation or Partnership, and are you trying to do your taxes? This template can help you organize the necessary business information to make tax time easier for you or your tax preparer.

Download this template to help you gather tax information for your C Corporation, S Corporation or Partnership.

Some information you will need include:

  • Your entity information, such as business code, start date, incorporation date
  • Principal Shareholders or Partners and their Tax ID numberstax guide for small business
  • If this is your first year of existence:
    • A copy of the state incorporation or partnership agreement
    • A copy of the letter received from the IRS after filing SS-4 showing Entity EIN number & official name
    • If an S-Corp, the filed IRS Form 2553 - Election, & copy of IRS acceptance letter allowing S-Corp status

Collect all documents that apply to your business:

  • Asset additions and changes
  • Notes, Loans and mortgages held either in assets or liabilities
  • Capital/Cash contributions to the business by shareholder or partner
  • Capital/Cash distributions to shareholders or partners
  • Non-standard contributions or distributions
  • Employer and officer payroll information
  • Final Bank statement or bank reconsolidation showing cash in bank
  • Real property loan and real estate information
  • If the business employed independent contractors or made payment to unincorporated services/suppliers, provide copies of 1099-Misc issued.
  • If any shareholders or partners are residents of states not where business located or reside outside the US, provide details. There may be withholding requirements.

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