Three Reasons to Redirect Your Domain Name

Every day, small businesses like yours register multiple domain names to enhance the visibility of their brand and drive more traffic to their online presence, be it a website, e-commerce site or other platform. But in a Verisign poll of U.S. small businesses with an online presence, only 38 percent knew they could point a domain name to an online presence hosted by another service, like a social media site. It’s a tactic that can help expand your online presence and footprint, and enable a number of online marketing strategies. Even if you already know about redirecting domain names, here are a few reasons why you should make it a part of your online strategy.

It Expands Your Online Presence

httpRedirecting gives your business the credibility and scalability of a domain name, plus a consistent online address for your business, regardless of which social media platform you use. It also gives you a memorable and permanent company Web address to use for marketing. By redirecting one or more domain names, you provide your visitors multiple entry points to engage with your business and view your products and services. As a bonus, having multiple domain names pointing to a single Web presence could boost traffic to your website and contribute to increased brand awareness.

It’s Flexible

Ideally, you would want to forward all of your domain names to your website. This would give you control over your Web presence along with customization options not available with other online presence options. But you don’t need to have a website to redirect a domain; you can redirect to anywhere your online presence resides, be it a social media page, e-commerce site, review site or elsewhere. You can redirect to any page of your presence, too, meaning you can make a customer support-related domain name point directly to your “contact us” page, or a sales-related URL forward specifically to your online storefront. Regardless of your specific goals, redirecting or Web forwarding can open up a lot of options for your small business.

It’s Easy

Redirecting is just like forwarding email. It’s a way of creating a rule that all visitors to your domain name should be directed to a Web location of your choice, and you can change this rule at any time. Most registrars provide easy step-by-step tools to redirect your domain name to your primary Web presence. The bottom line is, no matter what you choose for your business’s primary online presence—website, social media page, e-commerce site or something else altogether—your domain name can be easily redirected to increase the effectiveness, memorability and credibility of your Web presence. Read more on how to perform your own domain redirects here.

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