What Should You Pay for Marketing Services?

You know that you need marketing to increase sales and get the word out. But do you need to hire a professional? Maybe you have already sunk in time and effort with ideas that flopped. How can you be sure you are getting a good return for your business? 


Marketing Service

Hourly rates


More Information



Depends on the experience of the writer and the specialized content expertise required.

Freelance Writing Rates List

Online Writing Jobs

Website Programmers


Major development projects are quoted on a per project basis. Use of templates and standard platforms reduce price


Graphic Designers


Final quotes are always done based on project.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


Most SEO specialists will only initially quote for large projects with monthly retainers and 3-6 month minimums. Because SEO is now so closely linked to Social Media, many projects include services such as blog creation and posting and regular social media interactions with clients.

The Price of SEO

Social Media Services


Varies depending on whether you are looking for help with a higher-level social media strategy or the implementation of blog posts, tweets and Facebook posts. 

The Cost of Social Media

PR Professionals


Depending on whether they are freelancers, with an agency and/or have specialized contacts in your industry. Many have retainer minimums to start

PR Services Costs


Tips and Tools for Hiring Marketing Contractors

ContractorView the presentation: Hiring and Managing Marketing Contractors: Smart Tips


Set Goals

Create Vendor List

Write RFP

Contract and Manage

Track Results