Why Should You Care About SEO?

SEO or SEM: That is the question. Actually, both are the answer for a successful online marketing campaign. SEO (or search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing) are not interchangeable terms, but used together, can boost your rankings on the search engines. SEO refers to organic search and SEM refers to paid search. Why should you care how far up your business appears in search rankings? 

Here are five ways SEO can help your business’s bottom line:

5 ways SEO can help your business image1. Credibility.

Customers tend to purchase from trusted sources. Having a good position in organic search engine results says that you are a real player in your market.  When a potential customer finds great content on your website, with helpful and valuable information, chances are good they will become a new client.

2. Competitive edge.

Every entrepreneur is looking for a competitive edge. Having a better positioned website than your direct competitor will definitely give you the upper hand. You can use SEO to your advantage by showing potential customers how much the search engines love your website. All things being equal, the winner may boil down to the one that has the best search engine ranking.

3. Authority.

Becoming an authoritative source in your market segment can almost guarantee success. If a potential customer has questions about your product and services, many will turn to the Internet for the answers. Imagine if they find your website on the first page of Google search results. This will give you instant influence and most likely the sale.

4. Exposure.

It never hurts to have more customers. Increasing your ranking for your small business will give you valuable exposure to new clients. This may seem obvious; however, SEO can take time. That’s why many business owners give up on SEO. Don't expect a flood of traffic when you first start. Moving up in the search results page is a long term process. Hang in there; the increase in exposure will be worth the wait.

5. Relationships.

Among the benefits of having an online presence are the relationships that can come from it. For example, this article all came from a relationship that started with website optimization. Remember that mutually beneficial relationships can result from a little SEO.

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