SCORE Small Biz Insights: Infographics on Small Business Trends

Learn about the trends affecting the small business landscape with SCORE Small Biz Insights infographics.  

ACA Penalties and How to Qualify for an Extension

ACA Penalties and How to Qualify for an Extension

posted April 12, 2016

There’s a lot to know about the Affordable Care Act, including the penalties for not having health coverage. 
Download this infographic by Liberty Tax Service for tips.

How Can Technology Help My Small Business?

How Can Technology Help My Small Business?

posted April 5, 2016

Technology is always changing. New tools seem to appear every week, making it difficult to determine what tech is best for your small business. Download our infographic for the most popular and effective business technology solutions.


Essential Prep for Tax Day

Essential Prep for Tax Day

posted March 10, 2016

Don’t wait until the last minute! Take the stress out of tax season by preparing to file your return well in advance. Get helpful tips in this infographic sponsored by Liberty Tax Service.


Where's My Refund?

Where's My Refund?

posted March 10, 2016

You’ve submitted your tax return only to find yourself wondering where exactly your refund is. Here are some key facts and actions you can take to help set your mind at ease.

Infographic: Buying or Selling a Business

It’s a Great Time for Buying or Selling a Business

posted February 26, 2016

Do you want to own a business but don’t like the idea of starting one from scratch? Maybe buying one is a better option. Or do you want to sell your small business to pursue other endeavors?

The Freelance Economy: How "Work" Has Changed

The Freelance Economy: How "Work" Has Changed

posted February 5, 2016

What’s the freelance economy? Where do you fit in? Our ideas about work have changed dramatically in the past few years, and we take a closer look in our latest infographic.

Infographic - Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics: Use Data to Grow Your Business

posted January 8, 2016

Are you collecting data from your small business’s marketing efforts? If so, are you taking full advantage of that data you’re collecting? Our newest infographic reveals opportunities for tracking business growth through marketing analytics.

How to Be a Successful Startup

How to Be a Successful Startup

posted December 4, 2015

It’s hard to resist the excitement of a bustling small business. This infographic focuses on the bright outlook for small businesses in the United States.

Small Biz Saturday

November 28 is Small Business Saturday - Are You Ready?

posted November 6, 2015

Although November 28 is approaching quickly, there’s plenty of time to prepare your small business for success.

            Content Marketing: Social Media

Best Practices for Content Marketing Part 3

posted September 25, 2015

Eighty-eight percent of rapidly growing small and midsize businesses use social media. 

B2B Content Marketing

Best Practices for Content Marketing Part 2

posted August 25, 2015

Which content types should I post? 

B2B Content Marketing

Best Practices for Content Marketing

posted August 3, 2015

What types of content should I post? How often is various types of content looked at?

small business optimism

It's Not Easy for Today's Entrepreneurs

posted June 26, 2015

Small businesses are having a harder time securing the funding they need to start and grow. Learn how this challenge is affecting optimism and financing trends in 2015.

small business owner stats

Who's Nurturing Today's Businesses

posted May 21, 2015

Who's driving small business success today? Get the facts about current trends in small business ownership.

B2B Sales Calls

B2B Sales Calls

posted April 13, 2015

How Businesses Ring Up the Results! Where do the best leads originate?

Human Resources

Human Resources

posted March 19, 2015

What's working when it comes to working? The Small Biz Challenges of 2015: 37% Increasing Profits, 42% Hiring New Employees, 45% Growing Revenues

Mobile Marketing Infographic

Mobile Marketing

posted February 20, 2015

Did you know that 64% of decision makers read email on their phones? And, 60% use their smartphone in the store.
Learn more about mobile marketing in this SCORE infographic.

a look at accounting & taxes

A Look at Accounting and Taxes

posted January 22, 2015

Small business owners spend a lot of time and money on taxes and accounting. Is this a burden for entrepreneurs? Get the facts on today's tax preparation and accounting trends in this SCORE infographic.

Customer Friendly Websites

Customer-Friendly Websites

posted December 29, 2014

Did you know just 51% of small businesses have websites? And many of those do not have customer-friendly websites and are missing out on valuable opportunities to engage clients and convert visitors to sales. Learn more about small business website trends in this SCORE infographic.

Angel Investors

Angel Investors

posted November 24, 2014

Angel investors are one of many funding sources for small business owners. View this infographic to learn how much money they provide to entrepreneurs, the industries most effected, and common characteristics.

Optimistic Attitude

Optimistic Attitude

posted October 17, 2014

Small business optimism is on the rise! Learn more about what entrepreneurs and small business owners think and feel about the future in this infographic.

Crowd Funding

Crowd Funding

posted September 26, 2014

Crowd Funding has been growing dramatically! It is the way many startups are finding financing.

Wholesale & Retail

From Wholesale to the Local Economy

posted August 28, 2014

Wholesalers generate $6.5 Trillion in U.S. sales and create 2.2 Million U.S. jobs! The goods that are created are then pushed to small businesses for local sale. 

Customer Loyalty Infographic

Non-profits Using Savvy Marketing To Further Their Mission

posted July 22, 2014

Use marketing savvy to further your non-profit mission. There are 1.4 million (tax exempt) non-profits in the United States which receive funding from individuals, fundraising and corporations. Find out more in this month's infographic.

Customer Loyalty Infographic

Customer Loyalty: Winning Them Over is The Key to Growth

posted June 19, 2014

With the popularity of ratings and review sites such as Yelp, Angie's List, Google Places and Yahoo Local, customer loyalty is a critical component to small business success. Over 82% of small business owners said that loyal customers are the key to growth. Discover tips to build loyalty in this month's infographic.

Verisign SCORE infographic header

How Will New gTLDs Impact Small Business?

posted June 9, 2014

Over the next couple of years, domain standards like .com, .net and .org will be joined by potentially thousands of new domain extensions - also known as new gTLDs (generic top-level domains) — like .ninja and .photography. Download this infographic to gain a better understanding of how credibility, customer trust and searchability factor into a small business owner's URL naming decision. 

Small Business Outlook Infographic

Where Do I Stand? Looking at Future Outlook, Revenues, Profits & Benchmarks

posted May 27, 2014

There are over 28 million small businesses in the U.S. How do these small business owners view the future? Learn more about entrepreneur sentiment and small business revenue, profit and benchmarks in this infographic.

Human Resources Infographic

Work With Me, People! Statistics on Small Business Human Resource Trends

posted April 21, 2014

Did you know that 50% of workers in the U.S. work in a small business? Small business success is tied to employee success. However, employees cost time & money. Recruitment & management are going mobile.

Online Marketing Infographic

Online Advertising: Go for the Right Audience and You'll See Real Results!

posted March 26, 2016

One third of small and mid-sized businesses buy online advertising, spending an average of $6,800 annually. Download this infographic to learn more about how small business owners spend their online marketing budget and which ads prove most effective.

Making Your Website Work! When You're Online, You're in Business

What Do You Need to Make Your Website Work?

posted February 26, 2014

Do you know that your business can be open 24/7? When you are online, you are in business. Download this peek into how you can make your website work for you 24/7. 97% of people look online for local products and services! So, if you are blogging, have a website and are active on social media you can drive traffic to your site. Download this infographic to learn more.

Discover what makes small businesses successful with this infographic by SCORE and ZipCar

What Makes Small Business Owners Successful?

posted September 24, 2013

What makes a small business owner successful? Entrepreneurs that survive and thrive share commonalities. They seem to be cut from the same mold. Each excels at certain areas while utilizing similar tools. This SCORE infographic sponsored by Zipcar looks at what makes a successful entrepreneur.

Finding new Customers infographic

What Really Works for Finding New Customers?

posted March 13, 2013

Potential customers are everywhere. With today's technology, it is easier to find new customers than ever before. This infographic from SCORE shows you the places to get the customers you need and the tools that get the best results.

Finding the Capital for Growth

Where Do I Get The Capital for Growth?

posted March 18, 2013

A look at the different venues that small business owners use to obtain capital for growth including loan approval rates and the total cost on a business, in time and money, of financing. Learn more by downloading the graphic that explains, "Where do I get the capital for growth?".

Employment & Hiring Infographic

How and Why Are Small Businesses Hiring?

posted June 17, 2013

Job growth has been gaining in the private sector for 39 consecutive months. How is that growth is happening? SCORE and Zipcar have put together this infographic to explain exactly how employment and hiring have grown after the recession. Learn how and why businesses are filling new jobs. Find out where companies are looking for quality candidates.

Exploring Home-Based Businesses Infographic

What Are The Benefits of a Home Based Business?

posted August 22, 2013

The face of small business in America is always changing. While many entrepreneurs are starting brick and mortar storefronts, many are operating successful small businesses from their homes. This month’s SCORE infographic sponsored by Zipcar delves into the facts about home based businesses.

How Success Gets Around Infographic

What is the Most Economical Means of Transportation?

posted December 17, 2013

Telecommuting, ride or car sharing and public transportation are on the rise in 2013. Find out how you can save money by taking different commuting options.

Download this infographic to learn more about how your business, or you as an individual can save money by opting for a more economical commuting option. 

Importing/Exporting Infographic

Do You Know the Facts About Small Business Trade Shipping?

posted December 17, 2013

California, Florida, New York, and Illinois export more than 48% of all US exports. In fact, small and medium businesses make up 1/4th the value of all US exports. Many of these businesses both import and export. Do you ever wonder what is being imported and exported? Download this infographic to learn more about small business import and export.

Retail Sales Infographic

Do You Believe in Supporting Local Small Business?

posted December 17, 2013

Did you know that 93% of US Consumers believe its important to support local businesses? 73% of American consumers consciously shop local. Find out more facts about retail, shopping local and the role of the Internet. 

Social Media Trends Infographic

Thinking About Getting Social?

posted January 24, 2014

87%of small business say Social Media helps their businesses. This aligns with consumer trends in that 59% of consumers see social media active companies as more approachable and 64% of social media users want companies to use it to answer their questions. Learn more about how social media connects business owners with consumers in this infographic.