Aids Service Center NYC (ASCNYC)

Sharen Duke launched Aids Service Center NYC (ASCNYC) in 1990. With the help of the Design Industry's Foundation for AIDS (DIFFA) who donated an office space and the AIDS Institute who provided a grant, Sharen along with her staff of three, began their mission to improve the lives of those infected with the AIDS virus.

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New York NY
United States
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My Successes

Currently, ASCNYC has more than 90 staff members, 85 peer interns and a budget of nearly $8 million. More than 1,800 clients come to ASCNYC for services each year and 18,000 people are reached through ASCNYC's peer education and community outreach initiatives. ASCNYC was also recognized by SCORE as the 2014 Outstanding Non-Profit Organization.


How SCORE Helped

In 2008 the recession presented Sharen with new, unfamiliar challenges. Sharen reached out to SCORE to help her in an area she had not been trained in, finance. Sharen's mentor, Munir Saltoun worked with Sharen and ASCNYC's CFO to create a five year plan to restructure the organization in order to get it back on financial track.

My Mentors