Arturo's Mexican Restaurant Finds Financial Success With Help From SCORE Mentor

After accomplishing his goal of earning a college degree, marrying his childhood sweetheart and becoming a restaurant manager in New Bern, North Carolina, Queretero, Mexico native, Arturo Guillen accomplished another enormous feat; in 1999 he became the proud owner of Arturo’s Mexican Restaurant. Attempting to gain better understanding of his financial records and improve his managerial skills, Arturo contacted SCORE. 

Arturo Guillen
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New Bern NC
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With New Bern attracting more residents and serving as a waypoint for beach-bound tourists, the future is full of promise for Arturo and Jaqueline Guillen. Their restaurant continues to grow in popularity, and a second location is under consideration. Since working with SCORE, Arturo has learned a lot about delegation and staff organization therefore he is able to maintain a successful and thriving restaurant and still spend quality time with his family.

What's Great About My Mentor?

“Les and other SCORE counselors really cared about me and my business,” Arturo says.  “They provided lots of valuable feedback about my financials and operations.  I went in thinking they would just look at the financials, but they’ve been able to help me with everything I’ve needed.  Les is more than a mentor; now, he’s a friend.”

How SCORE Helped

In addition to the financial statements, SCORE volunteer mentor Les Babcock, a veteran executive with a local corporation, advised Arturo on his taxes, legal obligations, marketing strategy, insurance and business planning. Les also drew on his Human Resources experience to help Arturo assess his personnel needs and develop an employee handbook. “Although running a business can be very stressful, you may be reluctant to delegate tasks to others,” Arturo says.  “SCORE helped me improve my staff organization, which allows me to have more time to spend with my family.”