Center for Peak Performance Finds Success With SCORE

John O’Keefe spent years developing his unique system of coaching and subconscious training designed to eliminate self-defeating beliefs and negative habits that stymie people from achieving their goals, whether it’s financial gain, weight loss, quitting smoking, or generally realizing success. But John needed some practical business help from SCORE to help his business, The Center for Peak Performance, get in the right groove.

John O’Keefe
My Location
Aliso Viejo CA
United States
My Successes

“Since working with SCORE, I have written and published three books, developed an Internet radio show, created multiple Internet TV shows, expanded my client base and hired a sales person to further increase sales,” John says. “I also expanded individual subconscious training programs and seminars for business people and corporations.”

John’s web site offers a direct route for marketing that increased awareness and helped promote his books, CDs and business. John discovered that his reach was even greater when SCORE helped him expand into Web 2.0 with a Facebook page, a LinkedIn listing, an online radio show podcast, and a regular video program posted to YouTube. John uses broadband technology for fast access to his growing online presence.

What's Great About My Mentor?

With the help of SCORE mentors Betty Otte and Robin Noah, John polished his sales technique—including developing an effective “elevator speech”—and they showed him how to incorporate virtual marketing and social networking into his already successful real-time networking.

“SCORE supplied fantastic coaching,” he says. “Betty is a phenomenal talent and she helped guide me though foundational and developmental stages on a variety of levels, including business plans, marketing, sales operations and internet social media.” John adds, “Robin is another talented coach, who helped me with networking and my 30-second introduction, as well as other things.”

In addition to mentoring John monthly, Betty and Robin arranged for John to speak at a SCORE Women’s Breakfast, highlighted his work as a client success story and asked him to speak at a chapter meeting.

SCORE definitely put John in a positive frame of mind. While continuing to mentor clients individually and in groups, since he started working with Betty and Robin John has seen his closing rate jump to 80 percent when interviewing for new clients.

How SCORE Helped

John learned about SCORE through the Internet and his local Chamber of Commerce. “I chose SCORE because of its highly successful people who are mentoring business owners. Their attitudes, knowledge and experience are incredible and provide a huge resource,” John says.

For his part, John referred several new clients to SCORE and has incorporated SCORE’s services and successes into his presentations and book-signing talks. He often speaks about his mentoring during networking meetings and was featured as a success story at an American Express OPEN/SCORE Speed Coaching event.

“Many people have helped me at SCORE,” he says. “They are a talented group of people. I am very grateful for all of them. They give back in an inspirational way.”

 “SCORE is a phenomenal resource all business people should utilize,” he adds.