Center Ring Circus School

When Gregory May left the circus in 1995, he took his skills on the road as a solo performer. But instead of just watching him perform, May found his attendees were also interested in trying out his circus props themselves.

“They didn’t want to watch it,” he recalls. “They wanted to do it!” Soon, he discovered that teens and adults were just as interested in learning juggling, plate-spinning, tightrope walking, and more. His performances evolved into circus day camps and afterschool programs, and the success of those offerings led May to open a school to teach circus full time.

Beyond circus skills, May’s programs also cultivate self-esteem, social growth, and physical fitness in a unique athletic environment. Center Ring Circus School offers group classes, aerial fitness workout classes, private instruction, camps, parties and more -- all in the pursuit of fun.

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Gregory May
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Columbia MD
United States
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My Successes

After taking a “How to Grow Your Small Business” workshop in fall 2014, May was able to make three significant changes to his business: he launched a product line; found additional help for a major event; and determined the most popular and most profitable service products Center Ring Circus School offers.

“She has also helped me dramatically in figuring out and understanding my business numbers,” May says of Malloy Jones' guidance.

What's Great About My Mentor?

“Jackye took us from the page to the stage,” May says. “She helped me take an idea and turn it into reality. She steered me around a number of pitfalls during that start-up process and patiently helped pull me out of the pitfalls I jumped into anyway.”

How SCORE Helped

May has worked with SCORE mentor Jackye Malloy Jones since he started making plans to open the school in 2012.

“After the school opened, most of my visits have been when I was experiencing a particular problem,” May says. “In particular, I hit a major insurance hurdle when my previous company decided to no longer offer the product I used and simply dumped us. [Malloy Jones] helped me work through the problem, and we were able to get someone else to pick up the policy.”