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Founded on October 9, 2010, Link Coworking is a membership club located in central Austin that brings people together who share the need for a place to conduct their business in an interactive space.

Members choose to work from Link not only because it provides them with a comfortable work environment and boosts their productivity, but also because they gain a new community of coworkers and the ability to network with people in many different industries.

After the success of Link Coworking, Liz Elam decided to open a second  space, Link Too. While Link Too is founded on the same principles of Link Coworking, it is a little bit different from the original space. Link Too is more geared toward people who desire a more quiet workspace.

Elam realized that there was a trend toward dedicated desk space in coworking, and she was starting to lose members because she doesn’t offer it. So, when creating Link Too she decided to include dedicated desk space, private offices, and phone booths. Link Too also offers members 24x7 access, whereas the original Link closes at 6:00 pm every day.

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How SCORE Helped

Link Coworking has been a client of Austin SCORE since 2008. The mentors at SCORE have guided her from the beginning and now into this next level of growth.

Liz Elam, the curator of Link Coworking says “I don’t know what I would have done without SCORE. I would recommend SCORE to anyone starting a business or looking to take their business to the next level.”

2012 Sam's Club Contest and Austin Woman Magazine

In collaboration with SCORE, Sam's Club Giving Program recognizes 102 businesses every year and awards them a $1000 gift card to help purchase merchandise necessary for growth. Recipients are also given travel and access to a two-day "High Speed Growth Seminar" aimed to help businesses across the nation reach success.   Liz Elam was chosen as one of the 2012 winners.  In 2013, Liz was featured in the Austin Woman magazine's March issue.  In early 2014, Liz was interviewed by Forbes. Congratulations Liz on all your accomplishments!