Cindy Kroske has been on a 30 year journey to make her family’s meals (and yours!) healthier and tastier.  It all started back in college at the University of South Carolina where she proofed whole grain breads in her (meticulously cleaned) dormitory bathtub.  Since those early days she’s expanded to a 1,600 square foot storefront offering a wide variety of natural products and complete with space for cooking classes.

Cindy Kroske, Mark Kroske
My Successes

For the Kroske’s, success is measured by the number of people who benefit from their products and information.  Cindy says, “We’re all about education…much more so than sales.”  The store is filled with educational displays that introduce each item and illustrate its benefits and best uses.

My Favorite Things now operates a webstore ( offering a huge array of natural products including nuts, dried fruits, whole grains, honeys, oils, coffee and more.  Through their monthly newsletter they’re able to share information, recipes and tips with an even bigger audience seeking healthy alternatives.

How SCORE Helped

When Cindy and her husband Mark found SCORE in 2008 their business was turning a slight profit but needed something to really kickstart significant growth.  Their mentor, John, provided them with the tools they needed to test and analyze the profitability of potential products and innovations.  Completing a 3-year Cash Flow analysis did the trick – Cindy felt like she’d “gotten out of the rut I’d gotten myself into” and could accurately visualize her growth.