SCORE Mentors Boneheads Restaurant During the Startup Process

Morgan Smith and Jack Demers launched their Boneheads Restaurant with the idea of offering healthy and delicious chicken and fish entrees for less than $10. With the help of SCORE mentor Tom Patty, Morgan and Jack created the clever Bonehead brand identity campaign, which soon made the restaurant a local icon.

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Morgan Smith and Jack Demers
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Lake Forest CA
United States
My Successes

Boneheads has become a highly popular—and profitable—restaurant, named “best new restaurant,” “best seafood” and “best chicken” by the Orange County Register.

What's Great About My Mentor?

When speaking about the usefulness of SCORE mentor Tom Patty in the creation of Boneheads Restaurant, Morgan Smith says, “ having those discussions are just critically important because it’s helping me think differently and figure out how we can better reach our customer.” 

How SCORE Helped

SCORE helped Morgan and Jack rewrite the meaning of the word bonehead with an advertising campaign featuring highly successful local and national people who were told they could not succeed but went on to prove the experts wrong. In addition, SCORE helped Boneheads create a loyalty campaign for the restaurant that has helped Boneheads become an “icon” in the community and a source of inspiration for the industry. Morgan Smith says, “most small business owners excel at a particular craft. They really need to engage SCORE mentors to help them offset their weaknesses.”