ViArch Integrated Solutions, Inc.

Both Angela and Eric Jones brought admirable educational backgrounds to their new business venture; Angela has a PhD in Economics from the University of Michigan and Eric has a BS in Engineering from Harvey Mudd College.  They certainly had the technical know-how to achieve great results for their clients, but their SCORE mentor helped them get their foot in the door with solid marketing and sales tactics.

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Angela and Eric Jones
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The business’s mission is to provide technology consulting to the aerospace industry, specifically, developing software applications for rocketry that can control important functions related to heat, tensile strength and guidance.

Their clients include many of the leading aerospace companies like Boeing and Eaton. Recently, they have been working on software that will link and unlink spacecraft to the space station.

From 2011 to 2012, ViArch doubled its annual sales as well as its workforce, adding 2 additional full-time positions. SCORE Mentor John Pietro estimates that Angela and Eric have the capacity to double their business for at least the next 3-5 years.

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What's Great About My Mentor?

The ViArch team did not have an effective method for soliciting new business, instead they relied on word of mouth to fill their pipeline. They also did not understand the uniqueness of their services to the aerospace industry.  SCORE Mentor John Pietro helped the team understand that they needed to communicate with their target audience in terms of solutions and benefits, not technical jargon. Angela embraced this concept, changed their message and their inquiries from social media increased not only in quantity but in quality, resulting in sales doubling from 2011 to 2012.