Zoom Errands Creates Business Plan With SCORE Mentor

Michael Weisman wanted to challenge himself. As he puts it, he wanted to work "Rocky Balboa" style to become a self-made individual. Michael was working in business management when he realized the ultimate challenge was to start and succeed at his own small business.

He began brainstorming with business partner Julio Ramirez about a business that they could start with no product or overhead, and provided a vital service to the Los Angeles community. They came up with an idea to start a business for clients with busy lives that needed errands done such as dog walking, grocery runs, house sitting, etc. This is when Zoom Errands was born.


Michael Weisman
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10850 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 350
Los Angeles CA 90024
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My Successes

Zoom Errands is a true nothing to something success story. Michael and his business partner started Zoom Errands with an idea, and not much else. They worked tirelessly with their SCORE mentor to trailblaze a new type of business that hadn't been fully explored.

Three years later Zoom Errands is expanding beyond their initial goals. In June 2013 Zoom Errands will open a second location in Orange County and will be unveiling their new brand, Zoom Medical, that will focus their services in the healthcare world. Their clients have ranged from celebrities to a scientist in Antarctica. Michael hopes one day to get clients using their services from the space station.

What's Great About My Mentor?

If Michael Weisman sees himself as Rocky Balboa then Don Donner is his Mickey. Don's greatest asset to Zoom Errands was his experience. He provided Michael and Julio with guidance as they began working on getting Zoom Errands off the ground. Their business was a concept that didn't have a proven business model to copy and that led them to rely on Don Donner's skills in the business world.

As Michael and Zoom Errands focused on the right now, it was Don that kept looking months and years ahead. He helped Zoom Errands plan not only for tomorrow, but for the years to come. Now with the help of Don, Michael says, "I see the light at the end of the tunnel". A light that has Zoom Errands expanding nationwide and into new fields of business.

How SCORE Helped

Zoom Errands is a unique business that had to be built from the ground up. Don Donner and SCORE helped with all stages of development and continue to be a key cog in Zoom Errands' plans going forward. Michael worked with SCORE in the beginning of the business on creating a business plan, marketing, joining associations, and time management. As the business began to grow, Michael and Zoom Errands not only met their goals, but surpassed them in many instances.